UN General Assembly

Agenda: Deliberation on the lack of enforcement mechanisms for Maritime Security with special emphasis on legal and jurisdictional application of existing International Maritime Law.

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UN Security Council

Agenda: Discussing the situation in West Africa with special emphasis on Nigerien Coup.

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UN Climate Change Conference

Agenda: Establishing a set of guidelines to protect the most vulnerable communities and most critical systems from extreme weather and biodiversity loss.

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UN High Commissioner for Refugees

Agenda: Discussion on the protection of Rights of Persecuted Indigenous Communities.

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World Economic Forum

Agenda: Calling for a discussion on the impact of Consumer Data Privacy with special emphasis on data protection policies of large conglomerates.

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Lok Sabha

Agenda: Deliberation on the Uniform Civil Code: Ensuring equitable personal laws for all citizens.

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Joint Crisis Cabinet

Agenda: Allied-Axis War Room (Confidential agenda)

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Supreme Court of India

Agenda: Deliberation on the Constitutional Validity of Article 370: Implications and Legal Considerations.

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UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (Online)

Agenda: Deliberation on strategic control of space with special emphasis on deployment of military utility assets.

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