What is IUMUN?

International Utopia MUN, provides all, not only with an opportunity to debate and discuss and deliberate on current global scenarios, but also to display their knowledge and skills.

It is a dynamic platform which gives birth to the spirit of diplomacy and understanding amongst the youth through its negotiations and conflict resolutions.

The vision for of International Utopia MUN 2019 is to live by its motto: तत्परिवर्तनम् भवः - be the change you want to see.

We stimulate IUMUN with the hope for a utopian world and we believe that coming forth to participate in such discussions pertaining to international affairs and coming up with new ideas to resolve pressing issues is the first step towards it.

The motive is to come together to a stage where subjects like world peace and human dignity can be discussed upon without consideration of geographical or cultural borders and where we all as one work to create a better world.

Important Information

  1. Conference Dates:
    14 - 16 October 2019
  2. Registrations:
    23 August - 7 September 2019
  3. Allotments:
    12 September 2019
  4. Payment of Registration Fees:
    12 September 2019
  5. Background Guides:
    20 September 2019
  6. Submission of Position Papers:
    5 October 2019
  7. Crisis Update:
    5 October 2019
  8. Position paper email IDs:
    UNGA: utopiaunga19@gmail.com
    UNHRC: utopiaunhrc19@gmail.com
    UNODC: utopiaunodc19@gmail.com
    UNEP: utopiaunep19@gmail.com