Himanshi Anejamore_vert

Secretary General

Message from The Secretary Generalclose

Utopia translates not to a place, Utopia is not a destination but a direction. Moving forward in this direction for the fourth time, I feel delighted to invite you to the International Utopia Model United Nations Conference 2019 as the Secretary General of the Utopia Model United Nations Conference 2019.

In its last three editions, IUMUN has provided a platform to young minds to deliberate, discuss and analyse issues and situations and have come up with resolutions which can help resolve the pressing matters of the world, in future. Carrying forward the bequest, this fourth edition of IUMUN would help expose the delegates to the current world agendas and help them grow, learn and explore more. 

So buckle up, for the project once seen as utopian has become a reality.

- Himanshi Aneja
Secretary General
IUMUN 2019

Mudit Hans more_vert

Deputy Secretary General

Message from The Deputy Secretary Generalclose

Never give up on something you believe in. We at Delhi Public School Gurgaon believe in a Utopian World and constantly work towards achieving it one way or the other.

It is my pleasure to invite you to the fourth rhythm of International Utopia Model United Nations 2019 as the Deputy Secretary General of International Utopia Model United Nations Conference 2019.

IUMUN has previously served as the perfect platform for discussing various worldwide conflicts and will continue its legacy.

All the Best for the Utopian Experience, it’s time to try something new and trusting the magic of new things.

- Mudit Hans
Deputy Secretary General
IUMUN 2019

Abhimanyu Pathania more_vert

Director General

Message from The Director Generalclose

It is only when people come together and are willing to speak up can change actually be brought about in world. So, as the Director General of the International Utopia Model United Nations 2019, I invite you all to come forth to present your views and be a part of the change.

We believe the need of the hour is for better understanding of the problems being faced by people all around the world and finding newer, more effective ways to address them. The IUMUN conference, through its intense deliberations on a variety of pressing issues, hopes to provide a platform for you as delegates to think, discuss and come up with ideas with the potential to actually make a difference.

The fourth rythm of the conference promises to live up to its name and seeks to bring exciting, high-level debates and negotiations on fresher agendas.

Good luck and godspeed! We hope to see you all there!

- Abhimanyu Pathania
Director General
IUMUN 2019